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What You Need to Know About Bail Bonds in Your State

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The bail process is the most stressful and confusing part of an arrest it can be especially difficult if your loved one has been charged with a serious crime. You don’t want them to go to jail while their case is pending but you may not have the cash available to pay the full amount of their bail.

A bail bonds el centro ca can help you get a loved one out of jail and out of your hair during this tough time. They will take care of all of the paperwork and work with the court to ensure that your loved one is released on their scheduled court date. They can also offer other services that you might not be able to afford yourself like helping a family member get a job or getting a rental car.

What You Need to Know About Bail in Your State

Bail is money given to the court in exchange for a defendant promise to appear in court and for the judge to release them from jail. In most cases, the court will set a specific bail amount at the first hearing after an arrest. This bail amount is based on factors such as the severity of the charges the defendant criminal history and their likelihood of showing up for all of their court dates.

Most people are unable to post bail on their own. They might not have enough cash on hand to cover the entire bail amount and they are unlikely to have any assets or real estate they can use as collateral.

This can make it impossible to post bail without using a professional bail bondsman. A bail bondsman can post your bond and handle the paperwork with the court for you but they will charge a fee usually a percentage of the total amount of the bond. The fees vary from state to state but the maximum is 15% of the face value of the bond.

You can also post your own bail at the courthouse if you are able to do so. This is not recommended though. It can cause your loved one to be transferred to jail if they do not show up for their next court date.

How a Bail Bond Works

A bail bond is a form of insurance that you can buy to guarantee your loved one will show up for their court date. When you buy a bail bond you will have to pay a fee to the agent and give them some sort of collateral. This can be anything from a car to a house or even some personal property. The agency will use this to secure the bail bond for you and if the defendant doesn’t show up for their court date they’ll lose that collateral and have to pay the whole amount of the bail back.

When you post a bond its important to understand the risks involved and to be sure that your loved one is fully aware of the penalties for not appearing in court. If they fail to comply with the terms of their bail they can be charged with bail jumping and will likely spend a significant amount of time in jail.

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